Captain America: the First Avenger

Captain America: the First AvengerCaptain_America_The_First_Avenger_poster

As you all may know by now, I am a child of the ‘80s.  I love arcades, comic books, and Star Wars.  I like to throw myself into the grouping of “geek”.  In fact, I am rather proud to be included in that number.  Therefore, it should surprise none of you that I was psyched to see this movie.  Like with nearly all comic books turned into film, I approach it with a great deal of trepidation.  It just is something sacred that a studio cannot mess up.  The end result of a failure to “do it right” usually means a backlash of internet bloggers –like myself – hating the film and bashing it so thoroughly to discourage anyone else from seeing the film…even on Netflix.  If you have any doubts on this point, consider this summer’s dud “Green Lantern”.  I didn’t go see it because someone else said it wasn’t that good.  That was all I needed to see.  By comparison, “Thor” was also released this summer, and I eagerly rushed to see that one, and namely because I read a very positive review of the film right before it was released.  I know I may just be one person, but I think you can see how we comic geeks of the ‘80s follow in this pattern when it comes to movies.

Captain America is an icon.  I know everybody jumps on the whole Spider-Man bandwagon when it comes to Marvel comics, or the X-Men, but Cap is a true icon.  I think it comes from his origin story.  All Americans know that Captain America fought in WWII against the Nazis, right?  Well, most people know that.  A few of us may even remember that Cap actually WAS in WWII.  That’s right!  As a comic, Cap made his debut DURING WWII.  That’s just a little bit of ironic history there, but I think it is important.  So, unlike Spidey and the X-gens, Cap is real part of history.  He is a super-hero – he’s very strong and athletic and super fast – but really he is human all the same.  The important point: Captain America is a hero.  He fights against injustice, and that “boy scout” persona is what makes him more of an icon than some other Marvel comic heroes.

“Captain America” as a film is exceptional for many reasons, but the 1st one is the biggest reason of all.  That reason is that the film is just plain fun!  It isn’t hard to find a good summer flick to be entertained by, but this film is special in a familiar way.  Think of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  It’s that kind of fun.  There’s action, a little romance, heroic battles, cool special effects, and a stunning score that just gets you going.  In short, “Captain America” succeeds on every level it should.  There are specific moments of the film that take you away from wherever you are.  And really, isn’t that what we are all paying good money for?  Trust me when I say: “Captain America” is THE most entertaining film of the summer.

I was thrilled by the casting of Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine, and Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull.  These two actors helped to make the film carry a much deeper impact than if it had been 2 different actors.  I was a little hesitant about Chris Evans as Captain America though.  While he fit Johnny Storm to a T in that God-awful mess called “The Fantastic Four”, I just didn’t see him being serious enough to be Steve Rogers.  Thankfully, my doubts were put to rest by the amazing job he did in this film!

I have nothing but high praise for Marvel Studios and their continued success at the Box Office.  “Captain America” is another notch in their belt and it should send a clear message to all of these other studios that THIS is how you are supposed to “do it”.  I couldn’t recommend this movie any more than if I had paid for your ticket to go see it.  It’s been a good summer season at the cineplex this year, and this one is definitely one not to be missed!

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