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For when the Summer is Hot and the nights are long…

Recently, I went back and reviewed a classic film.  I go through these phases when I get absolutely disgusted with what’s out there.  Such times as these call for immediate action.  So, this is where having an impressive collection to peruse comes in handy.  So, as I scanned my shelves, I discovered a classic gem that I had not actually viewed yet: my Collector’s Edition of “Predator“.

Allow me to say that this is one of the very best Sci-Fi action movies you will ever run across.  It has a stellar cast (yes, that INCLUDES Ah-Nold), a fantastic director (the oh-so-capable John McTiernan), and a brutal location (which only adds to the success of this film).  The story is riveting and to some degree, believable… up until the alien part comes in.  The best compliment I can pay this movie is that (as a teenager that grew up in the 80s on a steady diet of Ah-Nold Action Flicks) an Alien story that has meat to it is rare, but this one has an alien kicking the crap out of Arnold and his awesome cohorts!

This is one of the most damn-manliest of all movies!  In fact, testosterone levels go through the roof when watching this film!  It is in that elite category with “300” and “Tombstone“.  I rarely give out completely “glowing” reviews to Sci-Fi flicks, but after 23 years – “Predator” is STILL an incredible movie!  It is a fantastic blend between a straight-up action movie and a magnificent Science-Fiction film.  It’s clever in that the alien in film doesn’t actually appear for the longest time.

As for the DVD itself, I delighted in all the extras, especially the “If it Bleeds, We can Kill It” featurette.  The story of Stan Winston‘s in the concept design of the Predator was classic.  I *highly* recommend this film for those in need of a whole lot of violence on camera and a believable enough story to make you think twice of certain noises one can hear in the woods.

Help yourself to this action-packed bonanza and when you are done…..check out “Predator 2” with Danny Glover & Gary Busey.  It too has a compelling story and is even more gorey and action-packed.  Always, the first can not be bested by a sequel but at least this sequel kept the Predator storyline in tact and moved on.  Hell, if you are REALLY interested in the Predator go check out “Alien Vs. Predator” which is another decent story and great action.  The acting gets a little weak in this one though.  But hey – the humans are not the stars of that movie!

To quote Sonny Chatham’s character Jim: “There’s something out there, Major.  And it ain’t no man.  We’re all going to die.”  LOVE IT!!!!!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE


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