Bedtime Stories

Bedtime StoriesBedtime_stories

At first, I thought this wacky little family comedy starring Adam Sandler was going to be a bore.  It seemed slightly novel as far as the premise went, but the film did not start that good.  However, I happily impressed when the film turned a corner when the plot turned out to be something that I did not expect.  You know the old saying “never judge a book by its cover”?  Well, in this case, the book was far better than the cover!

It is just a fun, laughable movie.  If you have kids and are interested in some wholesome entertainment, this film is worth a watch.  It stars some recognizable actors, such as Courtney Cox, and Kerri Russell.  Yet, the film is just plain enjoyable.  It isn’t the actors so much as the storyline itself.  Like I said, the story took me by surprise.  Man reads bedtime stories to niece & nephew, stories come to life.  Pretty ingenious, I have to say.

But wait…as the late, great Billy Mays would say…there’s more!

Turns out, the stories that Adam Sandler spins are NOT coming true – he only thinks they are, through some pretty incredible coincidences.  It took me by surprise, but it made the film all the more enjoyable because of it.  The whole family was chuckling right along at the film as we sat on our couch.  What is it about small mammals that are animated that makes them so funny?  You can’t help yourself by laugh at the odd hamster in this movie!

It’s not a great piece of cinema or anything like that, but “Bedtime Stories” is actually just what the doctor ordered for a fun, family-film-at-home kind of a night.

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE


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