Boondock Saints 2

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day” Boondock_2_poster

Okay, so there are few movies out there that ever are so long in the development and production that you lose complete sight of them.  “Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day” was one such film.  It was a limited release for certain and the nearest theatre showing it was hours from here.  Still, I thought I would have at least known when the DVD is coming out!  After all, I am a HUGE fan of the original “Boondock Saints”!  (Me and like a billion fans, right?  Wrong.  I pride myself on discovering the original film – ahem – on VHS.  Yes, folks, it came out THAT long ago.  And back then, almost no one knew of the film.  In a way, it always reminded me of “The Usual Suspects” before Spacey’s Oscar win.)  So, here I was all crazy for this film and then it left the theatre and snuck up on my in Best Buy of all places!  (Lo & behold, I happened to have some Gift Certificates with me!)

The original was far superior.  Of course, that is almost inevitable in film.  Sequels just don’t measure up.  Part of that classic recipe for failure is that the 1st film catches you by surprise.  You just aren’t expecting it to be that good; you didn’t prepare yourself for the “wow” factor.  It happens.  There are some really good sequels out there, but the majority of them all fall short.

This film is no exception, I am sad to say.

The same cast, but there was the addition of humor and in a bad way.  In the 1st film, Rocco “the Funny Man” is the humor but in a stylistic manner that isn’t very common in film.  He is the Saints’ new recruit and NOT a sidekick.  In “Boondock Saints 2”, there is a sidekick.  I didn’t like that.  It had no place in the film.

Worse still, the style of the original film was so refreshing and edgy that in its sequel the same style is attempted again.  This time, it’s a bore.  It looks fake, lousy.   You see the bad guys shooting and the Saints seem to unload more lead than any handgun could hold.  What is this, the “A-Team”?

If that wasn’t enough, “Saints 2” also lost its Irish.  This is the part that I couldn’t get past.  There is nothing to compare to the 1st film.  The dark nature of the vigilante justice was rooted in religious fervor and a sacred duty that fit very well in the Irish mentality.  Trust me: I know what I am talking about.  Here in “Saints 2” though, there wasn’t nearly enough attention paid to McManus brothers and their heritage.  Instead, we are force-fed some lame-duck tale of why their father was such a killer.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news fellow Saints fans, but “Saints 2” just isn’t quite the beast it should have been – ESPECIALLY considering how long it took to make!  The ending is pretty cool, and there’s a wonderful dream sequence, but overall it just didn’t measure up.  I would prefer that Troy Duffy, the director, simply stay out of the film business in order to preserve the integrity of that 1st film.

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.


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