Date Night


Who doesn’t like Steve Carell?  Who hasn’t seen the hit TV show of “the Office”?  Who hasn’t seen Tina Fey imitate Sarah Palin on SNL?  These are just outright funny people that have a lot of fun doing their work!  It shows.  It’s obvious.  So, when you throw 2 great comedic actors into a movie together you have high expectations.  Therefore, I had big expectations of “Date Night”.

It wasn’t quite as funny as I had hoped.  It was still very enjoyable, but it wasn’t a gut-buster of a flick.  The story centers on a married couple that do not lead very exciting lives and have a regular date night to go out to dinner. However, when a couple of friends announce their divorce plans to them, this couple decides to kick it up a notch by heading into the city for a bit more excitement than their regular date nights.  Things get crazy when the married couple decides to steal a reservation and an up-scale restaurant and a case of mistaken identity ensues.

The premise is good.  It’s an engaging story, and there’s a lot of laughter that follows.  The whacky scenarios they find themselves in are pretty outrageous and thus quite funny.  However, I guess I was expecting a lot form the movie.  It’s fun and worth a watch, but it just failed to make me truly crack up.  I don’t know if the trailer just showed you too much of the funny parts or not, because I certainly saw quite a few of those.

There is a touching side of this comedy though that I didn’t expect.  Steve Carell does a wonderful job of bringing out that “I’m just an ordinary guy” side of his character and that makes him very plausible as his character.  Tina Fey does a nice job of – complete with some really great lines – portraying the working wife and mother that would just once like to not have the everyday stress.  Honestly, I would love to see these two do more movies together.  They just have an easy way of being funny that comes off very normally.  The only thing I would suggest is that for the next movie is to increase the gags and don’t include so much in the trailer.  Less is definitely more when it comes to comedy trailers.

So, while it is worth a watch, don’t rush out to the theater to see “Date Night”.  Put this one on your Netflix list for a nice light hearted romp with some great comedic actors.

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.


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