Many times, for those who pay attention, I write about films that I love.  Today, I felt inspired by a very dear friend who really just wrote to me to say “we’ll be friends for life”.  It was so true of a statement that I felt something tugging at the core of my being.  I couldn’t quite put it into words, and so I started to think of terms of music and (of course) film.  And then it hit me.

I was thinking of one of my more recent favorites: “Elizabethtown”.

If you aren’t a fan of Cameron Crowe, then I am sorry about that.  Then again, maybe I can convince you to give him one more try?  Crowe’s films include “Almost Famous“, “Say Anything“, and of course “Jerry McGuire“.  But Crowe’s most magical and compelling film to me -to date – is “Elizabethtown”.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for those whom have not seen it, but allow me this brief synopsis.  In the midst of a career meltdown, the main character Drew must whisk himself away from his own turbulent present to go back to his father’s hometown for his father’s funeral.  Along the way, he rediscovers a lot about himself, his father, life in general – and the greatest love of his life.  Enough said.

Now, all of that may mean nothing to most of you, and perhaps it would be the same to me.  Truly though, “Elizabethtown” offers you the audience a chance to peek in on how someone else handles grief and the chaos of life.  By the end of it, you suddenly realize that there is something very honest about this film and it isn’t beating your about the head and shoulders to get that message through.  The message is that life goes on and that life doesn’t follow a set course.  It wanders.

And so, this one goes out to those who may have been recently felt a little beat up by life…kind of like that car that missed that turn for 60B and just kept going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes a destination IS the journey, and other times the JOURNEY itself is the destination.  You will be kept company on this journey by music, a great companion and a constant in all of Crowe’s films.  The music of this movie creeps into your soul, and if there would be a word to sum up this movie it would have to be: “soulful”.

So, relax, kick off your shoes, mellow out to the sweet sounds of E-town and dine on what the difference is between a disaster & a fiasco.  See what kind of mood you are left with at the end of this movie.  I cannot speak more highly of it than to say, it was well worth a watch.  Part comedy, part drama, and a whole lot of feeling.  ENJOY!

(Oh, and for those of you who’d really like to laugh, watch the Special Features on the DVD for the actual commercial/show tape for kids called the “Power of Listening” or whatever it is.  You will most assuredly laugh your butt off!)

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.


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