He’s Just Not That Into You

He’s Just Not That into YouNotintoyouposter

Recently I happened to see this film, while expecting to see another film.  So goes the nature of in-flight entertainment.  However, since the other film was a romantic comedy, I was not completely thrown for a loop.  What can be said for “He’s Just Not That into You”?  For starters, it’s a romantic comedy that is a bit realistic.  This isn’t a bad thing either.  I suppose you come to expect such movies to be thoroughly light-hearted.  So, when a romantic comedy ventures into the realm of the “very realistic”, you can find yourself disappointed or even shocked.

I liked this movie however because it did seem very real.  In this film, there are several short stories of couples either getting together or falling apart.  At the core of the film is the lovable Ginnifer Goodwin playing Gigi, a girl that seems almost desperate to simply be in a relationship.  She stumbles from one failure to another, gaining insight into the male psyche along the way from Alex (played wonderfully by Justin Long).  This is the happy storyline that seems destined to go nowhere but in the end turns out really nice.  (I am such a sap for these types of characters, I know.)

The reality of the film comes in with Beth and Neal.   I found Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston to be a pretty believable couple in the movie.  There were moments of their relationship that seemed like they could be happening to a friend.  The good and the bad parts are both filled with a plausibility that I found quite refreshing.  To some extent, their part of this film won me over.  I felt it was made more enjoyable by the fact that their relationship with each other was – for lack of a better phrase – normal.  Too many times in romantic comedies, the idea that this couple would wind up together just doesn’t even seem possible.

Now, in regards to the other story of love within this film, I have to say it seemed both believable and ugly.  This part of the story revolves around Ben (played by Bradley Cooper) who is married to Janine (played by Jennifer Connelly) but is falling for Anna (played by Scarlett Johanson).  Okay, so this isn’t a very enjoyable storyline: married man cheats on wife.  But, according to Anna, what if this is just meant to happen?  Maybe Ben IS supposed to be with her?  Ben isn’t happy in his marriage, but doesn’t have the courage to end his marriage.  However, I didn’t really find it plausible that Jennifer Connelly would be matched with – let alone be married to – Bradley Cooper.  They just didn’t seem to have any chemistry.  Maybe that was the point?  I’m not sure.  It’s at this point in the movie that I really started to dislike Bradley Cooper.  He plays “smarmy” really well, probably because he looks like some smug jerk.  Regardless, a dishonest man cheating on his wife just doesn’t scream “romantic comedy”.

In the end, I liked the film.  I found myself really liking Ben Affleck – amazingly, I think he improves with age.  Jennifer Aniston seems like she could be a sister of someone I know and that makes her all the more appealing to watch on film.  I think I would recommend this movie, but with a small warning: don’t expect all happy endings.  For that, I would commend the writers of “He’s Just Not That into You”.

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