Just Go With It

Just Go With ItJust_Go_with_It_Poster

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler team up for a Romantic Comedy and the trailer does not do this film HALF its justice!  It’s really rather shocking these days to see a movie where you thought you had it pretty well-figured out and you see it and suddenly you find yourself laughing a LOT more than you thought you would!  That’s what “Just Go with It” is like.

For starters, the casting of Bailee Madison as “Kiki Dee” was great because that little girl had me cracking up every time she opened her mouth!  I had no idea that the script would involve the children as much as it did and they were hilarious in it!  I also LOVED the addition of Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews as hotel guests.  They were pretty over-the-top, which just added to my enjoyment of the film.  They helped made the film even more of a comedy.  And Nick Swardson as “Dolph Lundgren” is AWESOME!

Okay, I wasn’t really thrilled about the character Adam Sandler was playing.  It was like the same character he played in “50 First Dates”.  He starts off as this womanizer that seems addicted to younger women and he never develops a relationship with any of them.  He just uses them for sex and then never gets involved.  Why?  Because he lies and pretends he is married, so he doesn’t have to be in any relationship!  That’s not only sleazy and dishonest, but it’s also incredibly self-degrading.  How would you feel doing that time and time again?  Of course, these women sleeping with a married man are no gems either.

Of course, this is almost irrelevant because he finds “the one.  He gets trapped in a lie and suddenly he has to provide his soon-to-be ex-wife (since he suddenly has found what he thinks is love).  Enter his surgical assistant, played by Aniston.  I thought at first that this character was going to be a dull, un-inspired performance (like “the Bounty Hunter” with Gerard Butler).  As soon as the kids (which are his assistant’s) enter into the picture, this film became so much funnier.  And Aniston delivers a fresh and funny performance that I haven’t seen from her since “Picture Perfect”.  {As a side note: I haven’t seen “Horrible Bosses” yet, but it’s in our queue and I hope she delivers in that one as well.}

If there is a downside to “Just Got With It”, it is without question Brooklyn Decker.  If they had used someone with some real comedic chops, this could have been another over-the-top zany character that would have worked out even better in the film.  As it is, she is just a Barbie Doll.  I was kind of wishing they would have done more with her NSync obsession.  That had real potential.  But alas…the either ran out of time or the writers didn’t care or maybe she just couldn’t act that way.  Who knows?

Sandler’s character never apologizes for his behavior which actually plays out pretty well throughout the film.  It has a predictable ending, but don’t all romantic comedies?  Ultimately though, I haven’t laughed this hard at a romantic comedy in a LONG while.  This is a farcical situation that is just played up to no end with gusto by our leads and the supporting cast just adds to the laughter!  Do yourself a favor and rent this one when you need a good movie to lighten your spirits.  You will not be disappointed!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.


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