Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia”  MammaMiaTeaserPoster

Alright, so I never saw the musical live – shocking, I know.  I love a lot of musicals, but it’s usually the older ones.  “South Pacific” is really my speed when it comes to musicals.  That being said, some people in recent years have done a fantastic job at creating musicals.   The very 1st one on that list would be “Sweeney Todd” – a film which I adored!  So, even though I am an old stick in the mud when asked my preference for musicals, I DO enjoy some modern works as well.

Mamma Mia” looked like a lot of fun, and so I decided to give it a whirl.

Allow me to say the following very clearly: just because you are a decent actor or actress doesn’t mean you can sing.  Pierce Brosnan most assuredly cannot sing.  It is painful to listen to.  Please, can someone just inform the man of that fact?  Did anyone else notice how badly he stunk it up on film?   It was truly atrocious.  I mentioned “Sweeney Todd” earlier, and I can say that Alan Rickman in that film was far superior to Brosnan in this awful mess.  And that isn’t saying much.

As for the ladies of the film, they were fine.  There was nothing outstanding about their performances, one way or another.  I have nothing bad to say, but nothing good to say either.  Meryl Streep plays the “love interest” of the film and to be honest, she does okay.  Streep is a world-class actress, and I can understand the want of a professional actress to loosen up a bit and have some fun in a film for a change of pace.  Really, she was just adequate in the role – not the usual from Streep, to be sure.

The film is quirky with some of its casting, and the whole film is a little goofy.  The concept was a novel thing: a musical based on ABBA’s music.  The music is good, but it really makes you crave to hear the actual recording by the band.  The whole movie is like that.  Wonderful setting, but it made me want to go there.  Wonderful music, but don’t I own that CD somewhere?  See what I mean?  I forgot about the movie entirely.  That is my criticism of this musical: it is forgettable.

I suppose there are some positive upsides to a film being a little goofy and fairly forgettable.  For one, nobody will care enough to write anything truly nasty about your movie.  Unless I miss my guess, I would have to assume that the live theatrical musical would be better than this film.  It just didn’t strike me either in a good way or a bad way.

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE


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