I love super hero movies.  I suppose that’s a carryover of my youthful obsession with all things heroic.  Any comedy that parodies the superhero world is often tasteless humor that I don’t really find entertaining.  Now, when you throw the talent of somebody like Will Ferrell into that equation, things change.  “MegaMind” is another Dreamworks humor-hit, in the same vein as “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, and “Kung Fu Panda”.  All I can say is that Dreamworks Animation just gets it right.  I laughed so hard during “Madagascar 2” that I seriously thought I was going to hurt myself!

MegaMind” parodies the Superman origin tale, and makes specific reference to the classic Richard Donner film of “Superman” starring Christopher Reeve.  It has a ton of classic super-villain clichés in it.  The best part about this story is that it turns those clichés on themselves.  The bad guy becomes a good guy, and a dweeb becomes the villain, while the hero becomes a musician.  The ironic twists in this story are very clever.  A lot of younger people won’t get the Marlon Brando imitation or maybe even the weakness to copper, but it certainly made for an entertaining story for me!

MegaMind” isn’t complicated for a movie; it’s just a whole lot of fun!  The animation is enjoyable, and the acting really catches you.  Brad Pit provides the voice of Metro Man and does an adequate job, but it is Will Ferrell that triumphs in this movie.  He’s goofy in real life, and the voice he created for his animated character is priceless!  He has some great lines and some of the quirky pronunciations are so well done that you would almost swear he was correct!  The character of MegaMind was developed so well that it makes you buy into this world that much more.  I loved the Brain Bots and Minion – they added a lot of humor to his “evil” schemes.

The soundtrack is catchy, and it sure is fun to hear a Michael Jackson song OTHER than Thriller.  The score is pretty fun as well.  Without question, “MegaMind” is worth the watch for everyone in the whole family!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE


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