Sherlock Holmes (2009)

“Sherlock Homes” Sherlock_holmes_ver5

I can’t say enough for Robert Downey Jr.  – what a wonderful comeback to his career!  I mean, take a real quick once-over at his career.  He was a major star of the eighties, seemingly always in trouble with the law for something or another, he gets nominated for an Oscar for his astounding role in “Chaplin”, and then POOF!  Nothing.  Oh I’m sure he worked and I’m sure some of it was noteworthy.  Last year, he came back from “oblivion” with huge success both with “Iron Man” (was there a better choice for Tony Stark???) and “Tropic Thunder”.  I’m happy that this fine actor has righted himself and turned things back around for himself.  I really am.  So, I was further delighted to see his latest endeavor in “Sherlock Holmes”.

Honestly, I would have cast Jude Law as Sherlock Holmes, but that’s stereotyping.  Suffice to say, I was thrilled with the choice to make Jude Law Dr. Watson and Downey as the title role!  Jude is another actor that I really enjoy watching on the big screen.  This take on Watson as a tough guy, but a proper fellow none the less, was masterfully done.  He brings humor and sincerity to his role that is really enjoyable to watch.

Back to Downey though, I thought he was spot-on terrific!  He gave the main character all the elements you would like to see in such a fresh spin on a classic character.  He had the accent down perfectly, I thought.  He still smokes a pipe and wears a hat, but neither accessory is the classic ones you may remember.  He does Sherlock as just plain SMART.  Yes, he uses deductive logic, but it is the fact that he is just this hyper-intelligent fellow that really can’t be any way but the way he is.  He’s slightly at odds with being “normal” because of his intelligence.  And that’s why you need a Dr. Watson to sort of bring him “down to earth”.

It’s a great story too, filled with action and suspense, so much so that I strongly advise you to not get up for any reason during this film.  Who knows what you might miss?  The setting is splendid, kind of gritty and dark but it fits the film beautifully.  There’s a very real-world feel to the film, which makes Sherlock seem more believable to me.  I never found the pipe-smoking bachelor routine in his smoking jacket to be very feasible.  However, a slightly nutty genius that CONSTANTLY pushes his intellect and challenges himself with these mysteries IS very real.  It’s like he kind of is mentally unhinged by how smart he is.

Rachel McAdams plays Sherlock’s love interest in the film, and she does a very good job at her role.  There is a cat-and-mouse game between the two of them that plays throughout the film which I found also very believable.  Who else would Holmes fall for if not a woman that had duped him?

So, skip on past “Avatar” if you’d like to see more fine acting and less special effects.  This film has got you covered!  This is well-worth the money (at least as a matinee) and very enjoyable indeed!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE


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