Star Dust


So, here it is: “Stardust“, the film based off of Neil Gaiman‘s book (whom by the way is a terrific storyteller, but moreso in the Graphic Novel arena).

The film stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro and Claire Danes.  Everybody else…well, they are okay.  In fact, Claire was little too old for the part I thought.  She seemed a little too old to be that whining sort of character.  That and she looked WAY older that her co-star, the affable Charlie Cox.  He’s okay. Nothing to write home about.  Claire looks good, but she doesn’t seem to be stretching herself too much with this role.

The other stars though were absolutely TERRIFIC!!!   I can say without hesitation that both Michelle and Bobby D steal this movie!  Bobby D in particular is hysterical!  I can only image that this 2nd time director was sort of in heaven. Like “Hey, Robert DeNiro, here’s the script….uh, just go for it; whatever you do is fine!”  And man was it ever!  Michelle meanwhile looks as though she hasn’t aged a day (granted I have not seen “Hairspray” yet) – ladies, here’s to you gals over 45 that STILL look amazing!!!! (You know who you are!)  And her acting was flawless – witty, sharp, and just absolutely spot-on PERFECT!

The other bonus is that the movie’s story is in a word: romantic.  I love that stuff, and it is so mythical.  A boy falls in love with a star while thinking he wants this other nasty wench.  Yeah, right.  Like Sienna Miller is any comparison to Claire Danes!  Besides, the beauty of this tale is that the message is clear: love changes everything.  And it does!  (I personally can vouch for that one!)

So, if you are in the mood for a sort of “out there” romantic film with a strong element of comedy (I loved the Dead Princes) set in a fantasy world – then check out “Stardust” for a wonderful date movie!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.







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