Tower Heist

Tower Heist Tower-heist-movie-poster-hi-res-01-405x600

I’m not the biggest Ben Stiller fan, honestly.  But the thought of him teaming up with Mathew Broderick and Eddie Murphy in a comedy just seemed like a really god idea.  I love Alan Alda, but who doesn’t?  Yet, Alda plans the bad guy!  You remember the trailer for this right?  I know that my wife and I thought we had a pretty good idea of where the film was going before it even started.

We were wrong.

This is one of those movies that comes out and the trailer kind of makes it look one way, but once you sit down to watch it, you suddenly realize that you don’t have a clue where this is all going!  It certainly has some comedy to it.  Overall though, I thought it was like a cleverly-written heist caper.  The writers spent a great deal of time getting you more acquainted with the characters so that they weren’t just thrown at you.  That worked well over the run of the film.  In the end, you really were caring for the characters.

The film also has the nice realistic ending that so many feel-good movies lack.  It wasn’t that everybody gets away completely  scott-free; the ending actually makes sense.  It was nice to see Tea Leoni in the cast playing a fun character to boot.  The wit of the film actually is something a little more real than other comedies.  Eddie Murphy is pretty funny, but it was honestly just enjoyable to see him playing a type of character he hasn’t done in a LONG time.  Broderick is okay, but nothing inspiring to his performance.  Stiller was the real stand-out though.  He makes you believe in his character and you root for him through the entire film.

Of course, Stiller’s character wouldn’t have worked so well if not for the greedy, nasty, slime-ball character played by Alda.  Alda tears up the screen with his performance.  He gobbles up the lines and spits them out with such smarmy, superior attitude that there is nobody I would have rather seen in this role than him!  He may have just opened up a lot of other roles that I could see him in.  Alda plays the bad guy REALLY well!

Over all, “Tower Heist” wasn’t quite as funny as I would have liked, but it was a very enjoyable movie!  This is kind of a sleeper hit.  The trailer is misleading as to the story’s direction, but the story itself is really interesting and the characters are believable.  Enjoy this one when you can!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.


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