Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3Toy_Story_3_poster

Once more, Pixar Animation Studios has done it again.  “Toy Story 3” is without question well worth the price of admission – no matter how you see it!  It is a fitting end on a storyline that launched this studio, way back in 1995.  That’s right, folks: Woody and Buzz are at it again!

The story for “Toy Story 3” follows our favorite plastic characters as their owner, Andy, is about to head off to college.  The fate of Andy’s toys seems grim and the choices are either get stored in the attic or get thrown out.  The toys fear the attic and seek to escape the trash, and somehow find themselves donated to a daycare center.  Not all is what it seems at Sunnyside Day Care, and it is up to Woody once more to help out his friends.  Before the movie is over, you’ll be crying and you’ll have this strange ache in your heart.  Pixar delivers a fine story that just grabs your heartstrings and never lets go!

I cannot say it enough, but Pixar (a subsidiary of Disney) is just fantastic.  They have a track record at the box office that is only surpassed by Disney itself.  Dreamworks could only dream – all puns intended there – to be as successful as Pixar.  You hear it all the time from audiences, especially the adults: how do they think this stuff up?  Truthfully, I think these geniuses don’t try too hard.  Sure, it’s a lot of effort to pull it together into these wonderful movies, but the stories they tell are so touching that they are almost simple.  Maybe that’s the magic touch there?  I don’t know, and I really don’t care.  I can recommend ANYTHING that Pixar does.  I remember having some doubt about “Up” when I saw the trailer for the 1st time, but those doubts were shattered by the finished film.

You will rejoice in seeing Woody and Buzz Lightyear once more.  The opening sequence will take you right back to the imaginary stories we all acted out in our youth with our toys.  Heck, I remember combining Star Wars action figures with GI Joe action figures and they battled fiercely against my action figures from Marvel and Star Trek.  I spent hours outside with my little green army men, setting up rockslides and practicing my sniper skills with a BB Gun.  The magic of any toy is what kids do with them.  I positively loved the opening sequence because it made me remember what *I* did with my toys.

The laughter really comes from 2 classic toys: the infamous Ken doll (of Barbie fame) and that damnable monkey with e cymbals.  I’m sorry, but that monkey has always creeped me out.  At least here in “Toy Story 3” he is just pure entertainment.  It was great to see the imaginations at Pixar come up with ways to incorporate so many toys that tons of people with recognize and relate to.  You might find yourself saying “oh yeah – I had that toy!”  It is just positively brilliant how they add personality to these toys and make them come alive!  And the voices for them are perfect.  I especially like Don Rinkles and Estelle Harris as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.  Jessie is voiced by the wonderful Joan Cusack and Ken is voiced by none other than Michael Keaton!

My hat is off to the animators at Pixar and John Lasseter for putting together the finest film of the Summer Season with “Toy Story 3”.  BRAVO!!!!

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE


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