Tron: Legacy

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As hyped as I was to see a new “Tron” film – especially with updated special effects in a film where that WORKS – I have to say I wasn’t overly thrilled by “Tron: Legacy”.  The film’s plot is pretty straight-forward, no real guessing involved.  I can say that it seemed predictable to a point.  The real problem with this “sequel” is that it loses you with its religious overtones.  I remember “Tron” as being fascinating because of the A.I. running the show and how it was growing smarter.  That was just cool!  (and very edgy for the early ‘80s too!)

“Tron: Legacy” features Flynn now as some quasi-divine Yoda-like dude that is trapped in his perfect world, held captive by CLU (the program he created & that he “betrayed”).  I was fairly lost the moment they started talking about this.  Try to follow along: Flynn wanted to create a perfect utopian society, but CLU saw what they were creating as flawed – and when these new life forms (called ISOs, short for Isomorphic algorithms) suddenly appear CLU decides to kill them all and stage his own coup.  Apparently, Flynn believes these ISOs will unlock the mysteries of everything: science, religion, and everything in between.

Okay, at this point I stop the film and say WHAT?

Some science fiction really gets you to think.  I mean, it can really challenge you, get you to ponder some pretty deep stuff.  (Writers like Harlan Ellison fit this type of Sci-Fi.)  Other science fiction is just very, very cool.  (Writers like Philip K. Dick make up this type.)  But this is either missing something huge that was lost on the editing room floor or it just plain sucks!  This is the definition of today’s so-called good science fiction: “I don’t know how this makes sense, but we’ll gloss over that point.”  (I’m still miffed about the ending of the TV show “ Lost ” because of this.)

Why am I upset by this?  Well, did you follow it?  A new life form spontaneously creates itself inside the video game world and a computer program that was designed to help build Utopia suddenly decides to take over and kills off these new life forms?  I didn’t get it at all.  It was like somebody thought up the ISOs as a justification of having the hero save the day.

Oh, yeah…there this side story of like Flynn’s son, Sam, who like gets sucked into the “grid” and like he falls for this girl who is like super cool and WHOA! She turns out to be the last ISO.  Isn’t that cool?  …yawn.  That’s what I think.  What was supposedly the main story is lost completely amid the rubbish of the rest of “Tron: Legacy”.  Do yourself a favor and shelve this one under the genre known as “TRASH”.

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.



One thought on “Tron: Legacy

  1. Sure the movie had its flaws, but the cinematography was fantastic and drew you further into the digital world we all want to explore. I also felt the characters were fascinating enough to pull the movie through its thin plot. I wouldn’t say the movie is complete trash; it just didn’t meet all our expectations. If they ever get around to making another sequel, I’ll be there to see it.

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