X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: WolverineX-Men_Origins_Wolverine

Billed as the 1st hit of the Summer Season, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is not as enticing as I was lead to believe.  I had high hopes of such too.  When I 1st saw the trailer for this film, I figured it was at least going to be as good as the 1stX-Menmovie.  However, the film didn’t quite reach that goal.  I suppose it was a combination of factors, but almost everyone that I have spoken too about this movie thought about it exactly as I did.  The general consensus: it was okay, but that’s it.

I like Hugh Jackman as the title character.  However, I know he’s not as short as he’s supposed to be.  I know he is actually rather tall for the part, but it’s the acting that counts.  I really liked him in the first 2 movies of the X-Men trilogy.  He isn’t even bad in this one.  The real failure of this movie is the pacing.  It moves so fast through more than a century of this character’s history that it is almost like saying “yeah that’s really important”.  Funny, but I thought that was one of the coolest parts to Wolverine.  He’s a beast in the comics, made more so by the thought that nobody really knows how old he really is – including himself!  The film instead sweeps all of this information by you so fast that if you look into your popcorn you may just miss an entire era!

Live Shreiber plays Wolverine’s brother Sabretooth in the film.  Nobody ever explains anything about the character.  He’s sort of evil right from the start, even as a boy.  No one bothers to explain what exactly is his power is other than running, climbing, and extending his own claws for effect sake.  There are a lovely couple of moments to the film wherein Sabretooth and Wolvie get into it, but not to the level I was hoping for.  I liked him, but I wanted to see him really terrorizing the crap out of everyone and anyone that he came across.  Sabretooth is also not quite what I envisioned him to be.  A little black trench coat?  Really?  I was hoping for more of the look he had in the 1st X-Men film.

The rest of the characters are utterly forgettable.  Ryan Reynolds brief moment as Wade was pretty cool, but for the few moments of screen time that he gets, he really could have been anybody.  I have no idea why half of these characters are included in this film.  It seems like people just wanted to see Gambit in action so they came up with some lame excuse to throw him in.  Emma Frost makes an appearance, but it was once more weak and far too brief.  Less is more in films such as these, meaning that you can give us the essence of the character in a much more cohesive fashion if you simply narrow your focus.  The whole idea of this film was to do a story about Wolverine, right?  And yet, the writers felt the need to plug in as many cannon comic book heroes as they could to the tale.

Regardless, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” fails to scratch the potential it offered.

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