The Hangover Part III

The Hangover Part IIIThe_Hangover_Part_3

So this is to be the end of one of the funniest trilogies ever made?  Pardon me for saying this, but it just wasn’t that funny.  In fact, “Hangover Part 3” comes off pretty serious.  At no point in the movie are the main characters drugged or drunk, or simply unconscious.  What we are left with is the Wolf Pack running into serious crime drama and almost no funny business at all.  John Goodman plays the villain and he is pretty scary.  No laughable warm teddy bear here – no, just straight-up villain.  What about Leslie Chow (everyone’s favorite trunk hostage, Ken Jeong)?  Although he is himself, he is also sans the comedy element that made him so lovable.  In short, there is nothing really that funny to this movie.

To give a very quick recap on the horrible and non-funny moments of the film (and I would say SERIOUS SPOILER ALERT here if the movie actually wasn’t such a letdown) here we go: a giraffe gets beheaded, Allen’s father dies, Allen verbally abuses everyone in a mental-illness manner, everyone bans together to send Allen to an institution (they say clinic, but we know different), traffic accidents, Doug is captured, they all get arrested in Tijuana, Black Doug is executed, Phil’s mini-van is trashed, and they all end up witnesses to 2 murders.  Doesn’t sound that funny, does it?  That’s the problem with this film.  It just wasn’t funny.

Look, this was a great film franchise, and it’s sad that they seemingly shucked this mess together without thinking with their funny bone.  It seems to me that no matter what, every studio is in a race to make more money.  I get it – but must you seriously spend MILLIONS of dollars on something so utterly forgettable.  I’m sure I have said this in another review somewhere; it sounds familiar even to me.  So allow me to save you the money (even on Netflix, it ain’t worth the rent) and the time (because 2 hours on this film is way too long) by saying that this is in fact THE END.  Yep, they called this one right with its yawn of a tagline.  Because I don’t think they have any more material.

Maybe the hype was right?  Maybe it was a tease of a trailer that seemed to make this film better than it actually was?  The reality is that comedies are – by design – humorous and entertaining, and this film was anything but those two things. I barely laughed and I was more disturbed by Chow imitating the dog than entertained by anything else he did.  And poor Doug – he barely has lines in any of the films and he is YET AGAIN kidnapped/missing through the entire film.  Yuck. Yuck.  We have seen this joke before right?

Any way you slice this film, it wasn’t very funny.  Take it from me and find a cure for the Hangover franchise, because this buzz has worn off.

…and that’s it for this edition of THE REEL VOICE.


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