Lights. Camera. OPINION.

Here, you will find more general articles on topics surrounding film.  I can’t say they are movie reviews, but rather they are more like critical opinions concerning film.  The page may change quite a bit as I flesh the whole blog out, so bear with me.

Many articles herein you may have seen posted to the website under Culture.  I wrote for them for a time and just so everything is on-the-level, yes, that’s where I posted these articles first.  I will try to include when they were posted (& the link) there to be truly fair.

I hope to expand this page to be more truly the BLOG aspect of this blog, if that makes any sense.  Just a heads up there.

Read on and enjoy!

On the Death of Ray Harrhausen. Move. Stop. Click.

John Williams to do “Star Wars Episode VII” Soundtrack

Disney: Please Don’t Ruin a Franchise

After Earth: Another Failure for M. Night

Iron Man 3: Predictions

Star Trek Into Darkness

Tom Cruise: the Last Action Hero

5 Comic Books That Deserve Their Own Films

J.J. Abrams: Is the Force with Him?






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