Pop Quiz – Test YOUR Movie Knowledge

Test Your Movie Knowledge! (w/ answers)

Test Your Movie Knowledge!  Here’s a brief quiz of movie quotes, see if you all know ANY of these! (the answers are below, so to be fair to yourself, don’t scroll too far down too fast)


1) “I just had an apostrophe!”

2) “This place is dead anyways.”

3) “You guys have done a bang-up job so far. Extortion, coercion. No thanks. I’ll take my chances.”

4) “Because Allah loves wondrous variety.”

5) “He was a lousy husband, but a damn good cop.”

6) “The Germans wore gray. You wore blue.”

7) “Aw, Ray. Those sponges migrate about a foot and a half.”

8) “I have pool & I have a pond. Pond would be better for you.”

9) “What’s the symbology of that?”

10) “Have you ever seen fire in Zero Gravity? It’s liquid.”

11) “Some men are longer than others.”

12) “Oh don’t be so stupid. Of course we intend to resist!”

13) “I know! A drifter! All we need to do is find a drifter, and our problems are solved. We’ll kill him and switch out this heart for the heart of a drifter!”

14) “I liked Roy Rogers. I was always partial to those sequin shirts.”

15) “Whatchyou mean you gonna ‘walk the Earth’?”

16) “Things are unraveling fast now, boy!”

17) “You will likely wake with a headache, my stout friend. Until then, sleep well and dream of large women.”

18) “No. Daddy shot Mommy for real.”

19) “I see a red sash, I kill the man wearing it.”

20) “Where the white women at?”


the ANSWERS!!!!!


1) Hook

2) Swingers

3) The Usual  Suspects

4) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

5) A Touch of Evil

6) Casablanca

7) Ghostbusters

8) Caddyshack

9) The Boondock Saints

10) Event Horizon

11) Braveheart

12) Three Musketeers (Disney)

13) Rat Race

14) Die Hard

15) Pulp Fiction

16) Aladdin (Disney)

17) The Princess Bride

18) Kill Bill Vol. II

19) Tombstone

20) Blazing Saddles


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